Biwater Products

Green and Sustainable Services has been an independent manufacturer’s sales representative for Biwater AEWT products and services since 2010.

Biwater AEWT is the largest supplier of Municipal Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration water treatment plants in the United States and one of the largest suppliers in the world and leads the industry in system design, start-up and operation.
Biwater AEWT offers a wide range of technical expertise in system design and construction coupled with an extensive background in the membrane system supply business. This experience includes detailed design, project management, procurement, expediting, fabrication, installation supervision, start-up, operation and troubleshooting of membrane treatment systems.
Biwater is noted as being one of the leading providers of clean and purified water, as well as a supplier of equipment and systems for water and wastewater treatment worldwide.  Below is just one example of the many project’s that Biwater AEWT has completed:
El Paso Membrane Treatment Plant
United States of America

Location: El Paso, Texas, USA

Project Duration: 20 months  

Completion Date: September 2006  

Plant Capacity: 56.7 mld  

Scope of Work: Turnkey construction of water membrane plant  

Work Types: Reverse Osmosis, Desalination